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Breastfeeding Group Education for Participants

Breastfeeding education and support for participants is an integral core service of PHFE WIC. Pregnant WIC participants receive group education every month. Breastfeeding topics are included in nearly all of the monthly prenatal group education sessions. Our prenatal series of breastfeeding classes includes:

  • What are the Differences
  •  Trust Your Baby/The Hospital Feeding Experience
  • My Baby Needs my Milk
  • The Mommy Baby Dance
  • Did You Know?

Breastfeeding Individual Education for Participants

Breastfeeding promotion and education occur at each prenatal individual contact (enrollment and trimester counseling) by a trained Registered Dietitian (RD), Nutritionist or paraprofessional. Common breastfeeding problems such as sore nipples and engorgement are routinely dealt with by WIC staff as an extension of this counseling. More complicated conditions are handled by PCs and/or Lactation Consultants.

At the WIC Center, an extensive interview is completed with all newly postpartum mothers during the enrollment of their babies during the first postpartum contact. A follow-up breastfeeding interview occurs during the 2nd month individual contact and ongoing brief breastfeeding contacts are completed with breastfeeding mothers at each subsequent WIC visit.