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The PHFE WIC Program
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The PHFE WIC Program

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The PHFE WIC Program provides WIC services in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. We are the largest WIC Local Agency in the country strategically located in high-density areas of need. We employ Nutritionists and paraprofessionals provide culturally appropriate services to eligible families.

The PHFE WIC Program is the largest local WIC agency in the country, serving approximately 4% of the nation’s total and 23% of California’s total WIC participants. Eighty-four percent of the clients served by PHFE WIC are Latino, 6% are African-American, 3% are Caucasian, 6% are Asian and 1% are Native American. WIC provides services and written information in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Armenian.

The PHFE WIC Program is nationally recognized as a leader and innovator in nutrition education, breastfeeding support, staff training, customer service and outreach to community providers.