Attention WIC Card Shoppers!

We know you’ll love shopping with your new WIC card. Here are some tips for success.

Find a Grocery Store:

Click here for a directory of WIC approved grocery stores that currently accept the WIC card. If you’d like to go to a grocery store that is not on this list, call the store before you go to ask if they accept the WIC card.

Call for Assistance:

Call the WIC Card Shopper Support line at 1-800-852-5770 for assistance from a live support person from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday (not including holidays).

Check your WIC Food Balance:

There are several ways to check your WIC food balance:

  1. Call the phone number on the back of your WIC card: 1-844-4MY-FAMILY (1-844-469-3264).
  2. Use the free CA WIC App on your smart phone. (iPhone) (Android)
  3. Ask the cashier or customer service desk at the store to print out your WIC Food Balance.
  4. Look at your store receipt from your last shopping trip.
  5. Get a printout at your WIC office.

Scan as you Shop:

Use the free CA WIC App to scan your WIC foods before heading to the register. Scanning an item will tell you if it is WIC approved and if it is available to you as a current benefit on your card.

Understand Your WIC Foods in Ounces:

Use this guide to help you purchase the right amount of foods issued in ounces to get the most from your benefits.

Join a Breastfeeding Support Group!

August marks Breastfeeding Awareness Month! PHFE WIC program will be hosting breastfeeding support groups at various WIC centers this month. Find a support group near you in the list below.

Activities vary by location. Some activities to look forward to include family/baby portraits, children’s crafts, raffle prizes, snacks, breastfeeding certificates, story time with local librarians, and great conversation with other breastfeeding mothers.

Date and Time
WIC Center and Address
August 29 at 11:00am
Maple WIC
English and Spanish
August 29 at 11:30am
Lincoln WIC
English and Spanish
August 30 at 11:00am